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The Best Ever Sugar Replacement for Diabetics! This unique natural blend is the ideal one-for-one sugar replacement for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics who need to control after-meal blood sugar levels most carefully. Treat yourself to all the wonderful goodies you long for without sacrificing taste!

Available in a 2-lb reclosable Stand-Up Pouch or in a bulk quantity consisting of a 25-lb box. For large bulk or wholesale orders, please call, 301-774-2433, for a price quote.

This patented blend of natural fruit sugar and milk sugar offers the lowest glycemic index for diabetics (GI less than 12 vs. 100 for glucose) with a slightly higher caloric value than Whey Low® Granular! When baking, use a 10-degree lower oven temperature to control premature browning. Suitable for Diabetics.

SKU: 1030
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics, 2-lb quantity:

Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics Natural Sugar Substitute for Diabetics

Enjoy your favorite treats again with Whey Low®’s natural sugar substitutes for diabetics. When you have diabetes, you have to limit your sucrose intake, which makes it hard to enjoy cookies, brownies, cake and other baked goods. Even "regular" foods like instant oatmeal and packaged bread might be off-limits. Whey Low®’s granulated sugar alternative for diabetics allows you to treat yourself without resorting to artificial sweeteners. Instead of sucrose, we use a patented blend of milk sugar and fruit sugar to give you the sweetness that you crave.

Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics easily replaces regular sugar with a 1:1 ratio, so you don't need to make any fancy measurements. When baking add a cup or tablespoon of Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics to your pies, cupcakes, frosting, sauces and glazes. Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics also tastes great in tea, coffee and other drinks that need a little sweetener. Thanks to the natural ingredients, our natural sweetener is 100% side effect–free. You can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about headaches, weight gain and other negative health effects often associated with artificial sweeteners. Best of all, it tastes amazing with no weird after taste!

To store Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics, place the resealable bag in a dry, cool place that stays at room temperature. You can store Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics in a sugar bowl or another closed container. If the sugar starts to clump together, place it in the fridge. Like regular sugar, Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics has no expiration date.