VivaLac® Inc. Background
VivaLac® Inc., a family-owned Maryland corporation, is a rapidly-growing food company with innovative, all-natural, and healthful products derived completely or in part from dairy raw materials such as milk, whey proteins, whey, or milk fermentation compounds.

All products will initially target the healthful foods, nutraceuticals, and health-related markets. While its first offering, Whey Low®, is commercially available, most of its innovations are in the research or development stage. In the pipeline are a high-energy sports gel and nutrition packs for athletes.

The Company's founder and President, Lee R. Zehner, Ph.D., has led both Fortune 100 and small biotech research and development teams for 40 years, the last 30 of which he has been innovating in the food and nutrition industries. In 1986, he invented another low-calorie, carbohydrate sweetener called D-tagatose and led an international development team that proved its safety/efficacy. In 1997, his former employer licensed the food applications of the carbohydrate, D-tagatose, exclusively to a large Danish dairy products company. D-Tagatose was accepted by the US FDA as safe for use in foods and is commercially available in Europe

Other commercial products and processes invented or
co-invented by Dr. Zehner include a safe-for-humans housefly pesticide, an economical process to manufacture a commodity monomer called methyl methacrylate, and an economical process to manufacture a common food acidulant and monomer called adipic acid. Dr. Zehner earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the University of Minnesota, his B.S. in chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, and has over 100 issued worldwide patents to his credit.

Dr. Zehner's inspiration to develop Whey Low® has come primarily from his wife's 1999 diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes and her need to initiate oral medications. Mrs. Zehner, who loves to cook and bake, has found that Whey Low®, as part of her daily low-carbohydrate diet, helps to keep her postprandial blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin levels under control.
VivaLac® Inc. is an American family-owned and -operated business that proudly makes all their products in the United States.