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Now you, your family members, and your good friends can all enjoy a five full-size assortment of our Whey Low® products: (i) Your choice of either Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics Type D (2 lb) OR Whey Low® Granular (2 lb), (ii) Whey Low® Gold Brown Sugar (2 lb), (iii) Whey Low® Maple for pancake syrup (2 lb), (iv) The Whey Low® Powdered sugar (2 lb) and (v) Whey Low® for Ice Cream (2 lb).

No substitutions in the Whey Low® Sampler are permitted.

SKU: 1035
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Whey Low® Natural Sweetener Sampler Pack

Indulge in your favorite sweets with the Whey Low® low-calorie sweetener sample pack. The Whey Low® sample pack offers five full-size Whey Low® products that have a variety of flavors and culinary uses. Better yet, you'll get $4 off when you order this pack, making it easier than ever to reintroduce sugar in your diet. Learn about the power of natural — not artificial — sweeteners with our keto-friendly-sweetener sample pack.

To start, choose from Whey Low® Granular or Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics. Whey Low® Granular is our standard natural sweetener that combines fruit sugar, milk sugar and table sugar. Whey Low® Granular comes in granules that look and taste just like traditional sucrose. Bake with it, add it to coffee or make your favorite dips and sauces. Whey Low® Sugar for Diabetics is similar to the original — the only difference is that we optimized this sugar specifically for diabetics. Make your favorite treats at home without compromising your health.

Whey Low® Gold is the next product in the Whey Low® sugar substitute sampler. Whey Low® Gold is our brown sugar replacement that has the same delicious aroma and brown sugar taste, but without the calories and carbohydrates. Once you've tried that, try Whey Low® Maple to make delicious maple syrup for your waffles and pancakes. Whey Low® Powder is a great low calorie powdered sugar replacement. Finally, we've rounded out the natural sweetener sample pack with Whey Low® for Ice Cream. Use Whey Low® for Ice Cream to make sweet homemade ice cream at home — then store it in the pantry with the rest of our products and enjoy the sweetness all year long.