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The only 100% all natural, sugar substitute
that tastes and bakes like real sugar.

100% Natural

75% Fewer Calories than Sugar

70-80% Lower Glycemic Index

1 Effective Carb per Serving

One-for-One Sugar Replacement

100% Happiness Guarantee

Sugar Made Healthy®

  • Only 1 calorie/gram. Table sugar = 4 calories/gram
  • Effective carbohydrate count of 1 gram/teaspoon
  • Natural sugars in Whey Low® inhibit absorption of dietary carbohydrates such as starch and sucrose
  • Low calorie and net impact carbohydrate values important to health-conscious people, dieters and type 1 and type 2 diabetics
100% Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll love Whey Low® or
receive your money back.

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100% Natural
A patented blend of natural sugars
100% Guarantee
One-for-One sugar replacement
5 Calories per 5 gram tsp.
Partly Artificial
A chlorinated organic
No Guarantee
Requires special recipes for baking
20 Calories per 5 gram tsp.
Completely Artificial
Maltodextrin, Aspartame, Acesulfame K
No Guarantee
Requires special recipes for baking
20 Calories per 5 gram tsp.

~ What Our Customers Say ~

Whey Low is the greatest sugar substitute I've had. I made cookies with the Whey Low Granular and Whey Low Gold and took them to work. Even the most sensitive person who always notices a sugar substitute said, "Hmm, these taste homemade!" Everyone raved about how great they were, and both diabetics in my family had good readings after eating 2. Awesome product!
- Michelle Wallace
Virginia Beach, VA
I carefully examined all the information on your site before ordering. I was grateful for all the testimonials listed, and it really built my confidence in trying the Whey Low products. My husband also has a big aversion to the aftertaste and health concerns he has with artificial sweeteners. After making our southern "sweet tea" with the Whey Low, and having him not skip a beat, I knew I had found the answer! I recommend your products to my friends, and our entire family is hooked. I just placed my order for larger quantities as cooler baking weather will soon be here! Thanks so much for the answer to the call for a healthier way to enjoy sweets! My low-carb, yet sweet-toothed husband thanks you too!
- Julie Simpson
Franklin, LA
I recently purchased the Granular D [Whey Low Type D], the brown sugar [Whey Low Gold], and the powdered sugar [Whey Low Powder]. My son-in-law is diabetic. I like baking for him, but other products I've tried have not turned out to my satisfaction. I baked him a coffee cake using the Granular D and the brown sugar -- it turned out AWESOME!!!!!!!! Even my husband said that he wouldn't have known the difference if I hadn't told him what I used instead of sugar. I am so impressed with your products, and my son-in-law is ecstatic now that I can really satisfy his "sweet tooth."
Thank you so much!
- FM
Manchaca, TX
I have been on a low carb diet for years, and this is the first and only sugar substitute that I have ever tried that tastes exactly like sugar. Now I can have good old fashioned sweetened tea and make wonderful lemonade. My whole family is now using it, although they don't know it, since I replaced it with the traditional sugar in the canister. I can feel good that my children are getting a healthy alternative to table sugar. I love this product, and am ordering again already! Thank you so much for this product!
- KM
Peru, IN
I ordered your brown sugar substitute last week, hoping it would be better than the other stuff that's on the market. I had read favorable comments about Whey Low Gold on the Sommersizing website, and have used other of your products before, so I felt pretty confident about giving it a try. I was so impressed with what other people said about it, that I ordered a 5 pound box immediately. It came today, and I was amazed. Not only does it look like brown sugar, it feels like it, and it tastes almost better than I remember brown sugar tasting! My husband and I are low carb lifers, and your range of wonderful, delicious products make it so much easier to enjoy a sweet treat occasionally. Thank you very much from both of us. Your products are phenomenal, and you will be seeing a lot more orders from us in the future.
- Mrs. Robert Schmidt
Columbia Heights, MN
I've just started the Protein Power diet, and two of your customers recommended your Whey Low sugar. I ordered 25 lb Whey Low Granular about a month ago and switched the sugar in the kitchen without my husband knowing. He's very sensitive to taste and could not tell the difference. We both love the fact that there's no after taste like Equal or Sweet 'N Low.
- Scarlett Kwong
Diamond Bar, CA

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VivaLac® Whey Low® Healthy Sugar Substitute

Enjoy the taste of real sugar without the negative health effects. Instead of traditional sucrose, Whey Low® offers a patented combination of milk sugar, fruit sugar and table sugar. These natural ingredients produce the best-tasting sugar substitute that's indistinguishable from the bag of sugar in your pantry. Our healthy substitute for sugar contains only one calorie per gram and one carb per teaspoon — far less than traditional sugar. This makes Whey Low® the perfect substitute for people on low-carb, low-calorie, and low glycemic diets. Whey Low® is also great for people who simply want to eat healthier and reduce their daily table sugar intake.

Sugar isn't just in sweets and desserts. Manufacturers sneak sugar into frozen food, canned vegetables, packaged bread, instant oatmeal and other grocery store staples. Now when you cook at home, you can replace the sugar in your packaged food with natural Whey Low®. Our natural sugar substitutes for baking have a perfect 1:1 ratio, so you can easily replace white or brown sugar with equal amounts of Whey Low®. This natural sweetener for diabetics helps people with restricted diets enjoy their favorite foods again. Whey Low® is also a great keto sugar substitute for people who want to shed the pounds quickly.

Our delicious line of products includes two white granulated, a powder to replace confectioners sugar, maple sweetener for syrup, brown sugar replacement and there is even a sweetener for ice cream. Order a Whey Low® Sampler if you want to try multiple products at once. We also sell gift cards if you want to treat a friend to a healthier diet without giving up taste!