Whey Low® for Ice Cream Sweetener

Whey Low Sweetener For Ice Cream


natural sugar substitute

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The Best Ever Sugar Replacement for Ice Cream! The one-for-one sugar replacement has all of the great taste and healthful properties of Whey Low® Granular when incorporated in ice cream. Functional properties in ice cream are like those of sugar in ice cream.

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This healthful, patented blend of fruit sugar, table sugar, and milk sugar offers an amazing 60 to 80% lower glycemic index, 75% lower caloric value, and 75% lower effective carbohydrate (or net impact carbohydrate) count than sugar when incorporated into sweet dairy products like ice cream.

SKU: 1033
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for Whey Low® for Ice Cream, 2-lb quantity:

Whey Low® Low-Calorie Ice Cream Sweetener

Make your favorite ice cream at home with Whey Low® for Ice Cream. When you switch to a healthier diet, it's hard to find low-calorie ice cream in the store — and it's virtually impossible to make healthier ice cream at home. Our Whey Low® low-calorie sweetener for ice cream changes that with a unique blend of fruit sugar, milk sugar and table sugar. Unlike traditional sucrose, our Whey Low® ice cream sugar substitute is low in calories and carbohydrates, so you can indulge in sweet homemade ice cream without the guilt.

Whey Low® low-calorie ice cream sweetener has a one-to-one replacement ratio. You don't need to make any fancy measurements to replace the sugar in your ice cream — just replace the cane sugar with the same serving of Whey Low®. Our homemade ice cream sugar substitute has the same taste and texture as traditional sugar, so you won't notice a difference when you mix up a batch of ice cream. If anything, you'll find that keto-friendly low-calorie ice cream sweetener is tastier than the original.

Whey Low® for Ice Cream comes in resealable stand-up pouches or a 25-lb. bag. Scoop the portion that you need, then seal the bag and keep the rest of your Whey Low® fresh until it's time to use it again. Your homemade ice cream has never been sweeter.