Whey Low® Powdered Sugar Sweetener

Whey Low Powdered Sweetener


natural sugar substitute

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The Best Ever Powdered Sugar Replacement! Just try it in your favorite recipes and you'll quickly see why!

Available in a 2-lb reclosable Stand-Up Pouch or in a bulk quantity consisting of a 25-lb box. For large bulk or wholesale orders, please call, 301-774-2433, for a price quote.

A proprietary blend of three powdered all-natural sugars, this new sweetener is ideal for low-calorie and low-carb dieters and for the health-conscious. It is great for preparing frostings, candies, fudge and for dusting donuts, fruits and cakes. It tastes and performs in all foods like confectioner's sugar.

SKU: 1032
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for Whey Low® Powder, 2-lb quantity:

Whey Low® Low Calorie Powdered Sugar Replacement

Add the finishing touch to your recipes with Whey Low® Powder. This low-calorie powdered sugar replacement uses milk sugar, fruit sugar, cornstarch and sucrose to replicate the taste and texture of powdered sugar without the calories and carbohydrates. Make your favorite sweets and frostings again, or add a dusting of powdered sugar to your brownies, fudge, donuts and cupcakes. Whey Low® keto-friendly powdered sugar replacement also tastes great on French toast, pancakes, waffles and other sweet breakfast foods.

Whey Low® Powder is just as fine as traditional powdered sugar, so grab the sifter and dust it over your homemade pastries. We developed our low-glycemic powdered sugar replacement with people with special dietary needs in mind. Whey Low® Powder is great for people on fat-burning keto diets or sugar-reduced diets and anyone who just wants to eat healthier. Grab a bag for your home pantry, or buy Whey Low® Powder in bulk for your restaurant or bakery. We offer single bags as well as bulk options.

The resealable pouch keeps your Whey Low® Powder fresh while you mix the dough or bake your pastries in the oven. The pouch has a stand-up design, so you can place it on the counter and scoop the powder without worrying about the bag falling over. Order a bag of Whey Low® Powder today to start enjoying your favorite sweets again.