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2 lb stand-up pouch [Add $12.99]
8 lb ($8 OFF $52 value) [Add $43.99]
16 lb ($20 OFF $104 value) [Add $83.99]
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The Best Ever Sugar Replacement for Diabetics! This unique natural blend is the ideal one-for-one sugar replacement for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics who need to control after-meal blood sugar levels most carefully. Treat yourself to all the wonderful goodies you long for without sacrificing taste!

Available in a 2-lb reclosable Stand-Up Pouch, 8-lb quantity (4 x 2-lb stand-up pouches), 16-lb quantity (8 x 2-lb stand-up pouches), 25-lb box (1 x 25-lb bulk bag) and 50-lb quantity (2 x 25-lb bulk bags). For bulk orders, please call, 301-774-2433, for a price quote.

This patented blend of natural fruit sugar and milk sugar offers the lowest glycemic index for diabetics (GI less than 12 vs. 100 for glucose) with a slightly higher caloric value than Whey Low® Granular! When baking, use a 10-degree lower oven temperature to control premature browning. Suitable for Diabetics.

SKU: 1030

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