"Whey Low is the greatest sugar substitute I've had. I made cookies with the Whey Low Granular and Whey Low Gold and took them to work. Even the most sensitive person who always notices a sugar substitute said, "Hmm, these taste homemade!" Everyone raved about how great they were, and both diabetics in my family had good readings after eating 2. Awesome product!"

Michelle Wallace
Virginia Beach, VA

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"I carefully examined all the information on your site before ordering. I was grateful for all the testimonials listed, and it really built my confidence in trying the Whey Low products. My husband also has a big aversion to the aftertaste and health concerns he has with artificial sweeteners. After making our southern "sweet tea" with the Whey Low, and having him not skip a beat, I knew I had found the answer! I recommend your products to my friends, and our entire family is hooked. I just placed my order for larger quantities as cooler baking weather will soon be here! Thanks so much for the answer to the call for a healthier way to enjoy sweets! My low-carb, yet sweet-toothed husband thanks you too!"

Julie Simpson
Franklin, LA

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"I recently purchased the Granular D [Whey Low Type D], the brown sugar [Whey Low Gold], and the powdered sugar [Whey Low Powder]. My son-in-law is diabetic. I like baking for him, but other products I've tried have not turned out to my satisfaction. I baked him a coffee cake using the Granular D and the brown sugar -- it turned out AWESOME!!!!!!!! Even my husband said that he wouldn't have known the difference if I hadn't told him what I used instead of sugar. I am so impressed with your products, and my son-in-law is ecstatic now that I can really satisfy his "sweet tooth."

Thank you so much!"

Manchaca, TX

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"I have been on a low carb diet for years, and this is the first and only sugar substitute that I have ever tried that tastes exactly like sugar. Now I can have good old fashioned sweetened tea and make wonderful lemonade. My whole family is now using it, although they don't know it, since I replaced it with the traditional sugar in the canister. I can feel good that my children are getting a healthy alternative to table sugar. I love this product, and am ordering again already! Thank you so much for this product!"

Peru, IN

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"I ordered your brown sugar substitute last week, hoping it would be better than the other stuff that's on the market. I had read favorable comments about Whey Low Gold on the Sommersizing website, and have used other of your products before, so I felt pretty confident about giving it a try. I was so impressed with what other people said about it, that I ordered a 5 pound box immediately. It came today, and I was amazed. Not only does it look like brown sugar, it feels like it, and it tastes almost better than I remember brown sugar tasting! My husband and I are low carb lifers, and your range of wonderful, delicious products make it so much easier to enjoy a sweet treat occasionally. Thank you very much
from both of us. Your products are phenomenal, and you will be seeing a lot more orders from us in the future."

Mrs. Robert Schmidt
Columbia Heights, MN

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"I received my order for Whey Low and tried it right away. I made a cream cheese dessert bar using the Whey Low Gold for the crust and the Whey Low Granular in the filling. We then used a sugar free jelly for the top.

It turned out perfectly, and was delicious! We could not tell one bit of difference between Whey Low and regular sugar. My husband and I have both had gastric bypasses and any dairy/sugar combination or just plain sugar gives us terrible 'dumping syndrome'. In other words, it makes us really sick. This delicious dessert had no ill effect on us whatsoever. I shared a piece with my bro-in-law and he begged for the recipe.

Thank you for this wonderful product. I will use it for my whole family so that we can enjoy treats and still feel healthy."

Carrie P

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"I've just started the Protein Power diet, and two of your customers recommended your Whey Low sugar. I ordered 25 lb Whey Low Granular about a month ago and switched the sugar in the kitchen without my husband knowing. He's very sensitive to taste and could not tell the difference. We both love the fact that there's no after taste like Equal or Sweet 'N Low."

Scarlett Kwong
Diamond Bar, CA

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"I just received my shipment of each of your three Whey Low sugar blends. I can't tell you how much I like them. I have NEVER been able to use anything that contains Nutrasweet. I tried Splenda and really wanted to like it, but it just wasn't a good substitute for real cane sugar. Your product is definitely head and shoulders above anything else on the market. I work for a major national weight-loss company and intend to take a sample to hand out to others.

Thank you again for a really fine product."

Sandra Bates
Blue Springs, MO

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"The French Silk Pie I made with Whey Low Granular for Thanksgiving was delicious. As you suggested, the crust came out golden and crispy when baked at a lower temperature (375º instead of the specified 400ºF).

I am on a low-carbohydrate eating plan and try to keep my total effective metabolic carbs below 35g a day. After eating 80% of my limit of carbohydrates for Thanksgiving, I indulged in a piece of French Silk Pie (with an extra 24g of carbs as Whey Low). I tested for ketones 2 hours afterward and continued to show my same low level of ketosis, in spite of nearly doubling my carb intake. [Ketosis is the desired state of the body's chemistry that results from low carb intake and indicates a dieter is burning fat, rather than carbohydrate- Ed.] Your sugar really helps to keep my body chemistry where I want it. I now count it as 1/4 of the grams for table sugar.

And, I've had no jitters and no gas (typical after-effects for me when I eat a sugary product).

I'm excited about this product because Splenda and other artificial sweeteners really can't substitute for sugar in many cooking situations. I'll be baking Christmas cookies in about 2 weeks with Whey Low. I'll let you know how well it works.

Keep up the great work!"

Marilee Berry
La Verne, CA

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"I am eating the most delicious peanut butter cookie ever. I made this recipe before with Splenda but could not stand the aftertaste. Whey Low has no aftertaste at all. I am so glad I found out about your product. I bought the granular and brown sugar...what a wonderful sweetener."

Roswell, NM

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"THANK YOU FROM CANADA!!!! I cannot say enough good things about this product. My husband can pick out the after taste of artificial sweeteners a mile away. He ate the better part of an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies before I told him what I had used. I've told my aunt, who was recently diagnosed with diabetes about it, gave her some, and now she's hooked too. My brother in law in British Columbia has now been hooked as well. I am so thrilled to have found such a super product. Keep up the great work!!!"

Tracy Danberger
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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"If you are cutting way back on your sugar intake, if you are eating a low carb diet, or if you are diabetic, Whey Low is the WOW of your dreams.

It took me years to get used to diet soda because I was offended by the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. My taste buds are so sensitive to every artificial sweetener on the market I nearly resigned myself to a lifetime empty of all sweetness. I wasn't happy with that and continued my search for the perfect low carb sweetener.

Step in Whey Low! It tastes exactly like sugar! sugar! sugar! I am back living in a very sweet tasting world! On top of the pure enjoyment of using a healthful alternative to table sugar I have experienced health benefits AND I've lost weight. So sorry for babbling on and on but I just can't say enough good things about this terrific product!"

Kate Henry
Vero Beach, FL

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"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Whey Low Granular and Whey Low Powder.

As a recently diagnosed diabetic, I was having a hard time with some aspects of my new dietary requirements. This was especially true for beverages. I have always been a soft drink drinker, and I find the taste of all the "diet" drinks to be just dreadful. And replacing them with just water was so boring, even with a slice of lemon. But with your product I can make great lemonade/limeade and still keep my carbohydrates under control.

I am also very pleased with the cooking properties. I make a great home-made tapioca pudding, but it requires 4 tablespoons of sugar for the meringue portion of the recipe. Meringue is a real test of a sugar replacement. None of the artificial sweeteners work, even if it weren't for the nasty after-taste. Whey Low works great!

Thanks for a fine product. And thank you for discussing the differences in the types of Whey Low on your website. It really helps in product selection."

Santa Clarita, CA

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""... I highly recommend a substitute sugar called Whey Low, currently only available online at www.wheylow.com." Quote from The Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook (book published March 2004 by Fair Winds Press) by"

Leslie Hammond and Lynne Marie Rominger
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""I've been testing recipes using a new, all natural, low-glycemic, reduced calorie one-to-one sugar replacement product that I'm crazy about!" Quote about Whey Low products from Lazy about Grilling (book published April 2002 by Laurel Glen) by"

Pamela Rice Hahn
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"I just wanted to let you know that I whipped up some chocolate fudge frosting with your powdered Whey Low, and it is actually the best-ever frosting that I've had! Great job on your product development! You have a huge winner!"

Paula Fleming
Commodore, PA
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"I want you to know that my pumpkin pie was the hit of the party! EVERYONE wants to know my recipe and where they can get Whey Low. I am passing your address along to all who wanted it and they also told me to say thanks for a great product that we all could use.

By the way, I never baked a pumpkin pie before. One of the guests said it was better than hers and she won prizes at the fair for hers.

Thanks again and I will be ordering again, soon.

Your very appreciative customer,"

Paul Lackey
Rosemead, CA

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""If you haven't discovered the new sweetener, Whey Low, you might want to give it a try.""

Lynn Stevens
Chicago, IL
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"I have type 1 diabetes and have been using Whey Low Granular and Whey Low D for the past three months. I wanted to let you know about my experiment with Whey Low D, which has the same texture, taste, and cooks like sugar 1 for 1 (not like Equal that is too sweet).

You advertise a glycemic index of 12, so I ordered some. It tastes great. When I get a craving for sweets, I eat some of this or pour it on fruit.

Today I tried an experiment. I use an insulin pump, so my fasting blood sugars are normally very constant within 20 points or so. I skipped lunch and ate 40 grams of this stuff. I took no insulin to cover this. Here are my blood sugar readings:

time    reading
11:46    91
12:20    93
12:52    117
13:20    103
14:19    98
15:04    98
15:45    104
17:30    96

I've done this same experiment with candy, yogurt, and ice cream but stopped when my blood sugars jumped above 200. I thought other sweet tooths might be interested."

Campbell, CA

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"Thank you for making such a great product. I really wanted to let you know that your Whey Low Granular has made a huge difference in my life and others around me. I can finally make my mother (a Type 2 diabetic) low carb ice cream, cake, bread, etc. I've ordered some Whey Low Type D for my father-in-law since he was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes also.

Thanks again,"

Stacy Brown
Chino Hills, CA

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"I just have to tell you that I LOVE Whey Low and wish it were widely available or at least available in specialty stores. I have tried both the regular and the brown sugar versions and they are both fantastic. I am extremely sensitive to all the horrible toxic chemicals they call artificial sweeteners and I wanted to really cut down on my sugar consumption so my only option before discovering Whey Low was to go cold turkey, which was not working. Whey Low has literally changed my life and I hope it never goes away!!!"

Melissa Searing
Norfolk, VA

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"We love your product [Whey Low Type D] – My son [a Type 1 diabetic] is sooooo happy to be able to have hot chocolate (made with cocoa and Whey Low) along with his sister and friends on these cold winter days. Thanks a lot."

Woodinville, WA

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"First of all I want to thank you for your efforts to bring Whey Low to the market and have it available for our use. Believe me when I say it is a Godsend. At 70 years old, I have forever been on some sort of a diet and weight control program. Over the years I have looked for something that would be low-calorie and would satisfy my cravings for sweets. That search has been frustrating and fruitless until now. With the introduction of Whey Low, that problem is solved.

Several years ago I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic and now must constantly monitor sugar levels. I have successfully used Whey Low to supplement my diet and have continuously increased my intake of it on a daily basis. I have used Whey Low in baked goods (cookies. fruit pies, etc.) and also straight from the container on my cereal and with coffee and other foods. With all of the different uses I have NEVER detected any problems or difference in taste between Whey Low and common table sugar. I believe in the qualities of the product and have given gift samples to my family and friends."

John S.*
York, PA

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